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The Alucinor

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1 May
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Date Created:2004-10-5
Number of Posts: 366

I am an agnostic-atheist. I am a loner. I am insensitive. I am simple, and live a simple life with (too) regular habits. I do not like travel. I eat plain food. I am a nerd, particularly of the math geek variety (so you won't see me doing math purely for money). I am neither gothic nor evil. I am eccentric. I like religious debate. I like writing in Latin, even though no one can read it. I am a robot. I do not and cannot love. I am attracted to intelligence. I am reserved and politically uninvolved. I am uninterested in parties and other formalities. I like comedy and cartoon satires. My opinion of the masses is low. And finally, the reason behind my username, avatar and Demi series revealed: I have seen both the light and the dark. I have met both god (who is a math teacher) and the devil (who is an English teacher). It's now been changed to Angelus-Mortis though.
Strengths: Has (or had, rather) good memory. Good at systemizing. Fearless. Honest. Humble (too much, some would say). Intelligent (as said by some people, but not by myself). Logical. Rarely ever feels sick. Has lots of energy without being hyper.
Weaknesses: Absent minded. Sleeps too little. Never asks for help. Lazy. Insensitive to other people's "needs". Has few friends.
Special Skills: Dark humor, calculus (and math in general), Latin, rollerblading, ambidexterity, digital painting
Weapons: "Wheelchair" Latin, satire, intelligence, Wacom tablet + MacMini, lead pencils, and other (calculus) textbooks I can hit people in the head with. And most beautiful of all, math of course.
Recommended Reading: Robert Ingersoll's lectures, The Importance of Being Earnest, The Devil's Teardrop, Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice for All Creation, The Age of Reason, Flatland (and the movie), Measuring the World

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